Motorcycle Battery Won't Jump Start

Discussion starter · #1 · aug 3, 2019. [1] attach the positive clip (red) to the positive battery terminal.

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Yes, a car battery can get so dead it will not receive a jump start anymore.

Motorcycle battery won't jump start. But the battery size doesn't enter into it just so it isn't too small. Before you push the starter button. A portable jump starter battery pack for your bike is an essential tool for motorcycle maintenance.

Your car battery works hard, day in and day out. Most motorists keep jumper cables in their car, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who is willing to help you out. If you have a dead motorcycle battery that won't accept a charge, the problem is normally sulfation.

Then you can connect the negative cable to ground on the frame or battery like normal. Below 3000 rpm the alternator will put out about 14 amp, not enough to run everything and charge your dead battery. One last thing you could try is to jump start the bike with the battery disconnected, adjust your idle screw to idle at 2000 rpm after warm up, take your jumper off after warm up, if the bike continues to run, alternator is ok.

The voltage reading should range between 9.5 and 10.5 for about 30 seconds. The noco boost plus gb40 is our top recommendation as the best motorcycle jump starter for most people. Depending on how low your battery is, if there is some voltage left you may be able to turn the key as well as turn on your blinker, but turning it over is slow and sluggish.

Your car won’t start during a jumpstart. But disconnect the cable for the bikes battery and just start off of the car. I have a 2015 chieftain that a few days ago starting acting funny.

Even then, if the battery is very low, the motronic wont work, and you wont get a spark or fuel even if you push start it. So today i took out the battery and had it load tested at o'riely's but they said the battery was good. Clamp this on where the battery wire comes to the starter motor.

Bike won't start, battery is fine. If your battery reads above 12.73 volts, then it is good to go and the reason why your bike is not starting lies elsewhere. Plus with car running it should be at 14.2 volts or there about.

Fortunately, there are other troubleshooting means that can help determine why your bike won’t start. If your motorcycle battery is very hard to get access to, one trick is to connect the positive jumper cable to the starter motor nut. You would have to get it up to 20 mph (a guess but probably accurate since the alternator needs to move over 1000 rpm before it produces power) for an extended time to build enough output from the alternator to start the.

This is the easiest problem to diagnose and is probably the most common reason why a motorcycle doesn’t start. Symptoms of a dead battery: Your battery is completely dead or terminally damaged:

Like changing a cars battery from a 600 amp to a 900 amp battery. This occurs when a lead acid battery is deeply discharged, causing sulfur from the battery acid to. I put the battery back in the bike now all i get it.

Probably a short to ground. Why your car won’t start after a jumpstart. It will not last forever.

The starter will only draw what it needs. Check all the + connections from the battery to the starter, and all the connectors to the start button, and remember to pull in the clutch. Let’s review them, one by one:

It started to hesitate starting, then really didn't want to start but finally did. If the reading stays steady, your battery is good to go—and your motorcycle likely has another problem (or a few problems). To cut to the chase, and just before we get to the meaty stuff, a “dead” car battery is an indicator of different factors—and almost always, these occur all at the same time.

There are several reasons why your car won’t start when trying a jump.

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