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How To Get Rid Of Artillery Fungus In Mulch

How To Get Rid Of Artillery Fungus In Mulch

Spray the bleach solution on the mold. Pressure wash the siding on your house.

Artillery Fungus Solutions From Kevin Palmer Painting – Kevin Palmer House Painting Blog Kevin Palmer House Painting Blog

Water the mulch thoroughly and keep it in the sunlight for a couple of weeks.

How to get rid of artillery fungus in mulch. Acidic mulch can attract the growth of fungi such as yellow fungus and artillery fungus, among other species. If you’re a mulch producer and find that your mulch supply has been contaminated with artillery fungus, you will need to destroy all of the affected product. Put all the mulch around your house into a big pile.

In this regard, how do you kill artillery fungus in mulch? Our research at penn state has shown that blending used mushroom compost with a landscape mulch at about 40 % will greatly suppress artillery fungus sporulation. One of the best ways to prevent artillery mulch from spreading is to refresh your mulch each year.

The ideal temperature to kill mulch fungus is 104 degrees f or 40 degrees c. You can also add about three inches of fresh mulch on top of the existing to suffocate the spores and stop them from latching on to your siding. Fungi grow best in wet, warm conditions with a low ph, meaning that you can kill fungi and inhibit future growth by raising the ph of your mulch.

If you have an ongoing problem with artillery fungus, it is best to remove all of the affected mulch and start from scratch with new, more resistant mulch. However, if you dislike stone and still want to replace the fungus infested mulch with organic mulch, the best way to keep the shotgun fungus away is to use a course ground of wood chips ( our playground chips would. There is no need for fancy heating devices to achieve this.

This will probably not remove much, if any of the artillery mold. To be on the safe side, you should also destroy any mulch in the immediate area, as that product may in fact carry artillery fungus spores, even if they’re too difficult to see with the naked eye. Mushroom compost is very green and environmentally friendly.

Sand off each individual spore. The decomposition process will raise the temperature high enough to kill the fungal colonies. If you leave the old mulch with the artillery fungus in place and just cover it with a layer of new mulch, the fix is merely temporary, as the fruiting bodies will eventually reemerge.

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