Installation & How to Use


  1. You can use the built-in installer. OR
    Download the zip file and extract the contents. Upload the ‘recent-posts-slider’ folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Now go to Settings and then Recent Posts Slider to configure any options as desired.

To make the slider appear on your page

In order to display the recent posts slider, you have three options

  1. Simply place <?php if (function_exists('rps_show')) echo rps_show(); ?> in your theme or use rps_show( $category_ids, $total_posts, $post_include_ids, $post_exclude_ids ) to have different slider on differet pages;
  2. Add the shortcode simply ‘
    ‘ or ‘
  3. Using widget.

Admin Settings

1. Width & height — Define as a numeric value according to your needs. Pro version will automatically set it for responsiveness.

2. Total Posts — Define as a numeric value to set the number of posts to be shown in slider.

3. Posts to include — If you want to show any specific posts in slider. Use this column & set the comma separated id’s of post you want to include. For example 1,2,3

4. Posts to exclude — If you want to exclude any specific posts in slider. Use this column & set the comma separated id’s of post you want to include. For example 1,2,3

5. Category IDs — If you want to show posts from any specific categories in slider use this field & use values like this 1,2,3,-4 (Use negative id to exclude)

Rest are pretty self explanatory. Any issues just connect with me.




53 thoughts on “Installation & How to Use

    • To center the slider either use center tag or set some margin in percent. Size of thumbnails will vary according to slider size. There is no option to set size manually.

  1. I am using the weaver template. I put added the following code to the weaver-ii-child-demo/functions.php as it said not to edit the themefunctions file.

    I then added [rps] to a new page which I titled home.

    In the settings, I set the category id to 3. I have several posts with that id.
    I created a child theme, activated it and now get this error. If I take out your line, it loads w/o error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in /home/webpdq/public_html/test/wp-content/themes/weaver-ii-child/functions.php on line 9

    if ( !defined('ABSPATH')) exit; // Exit if accessed directly
    /* This is the main function.php override file – it controls most of the stuff happening with the theme */

    /* Anything you need to actively do, put here. This is the first code that will get run whenever the
    child theme is activated and used. This example just re-defines a function, but you could do anything.
    /* Shirley added next line for posts slide

    function weaverii_continue_reading_link() {
    /* very simple example – override the read more text… */

    $msg = ‘[CLICK TO
    return ‘ ‘ . $msg . ‘‘;


  2. Just figured out that I need to remove the <?php and closing tag. Now it shows a box above my page but I am no longer gettting the parse error… but I am also not seeing the posts or slider

  3. Is it possible to change the colour of the link text? e.g. have the main text in black and then have the “read more” link text in red

  4. Interested in buying the pro version, but is there some way in the pro version to control the thumbnail cropping
    In the standard version it is not very nice, shrinking would be better than cropping in this instance, but even when you shrink the thumbnail in WP to a very small size it still just crops the original image

  5. How do you get the posts to not show in the blog? I am using this code [rps category_ids="103" total_posts="6"] but I don’t see anything. Is the shortcode correct?

  6. Hi!

    I am using your slider on multiple pages:

    But it seems to be showing the same posts on every page, where it has to show only the posts of the assigned category. Could you please help?

    Thanks in advance!

    Nick Meulenbroek

  7. Hello,
    Thanks you for this plugin! I was wondering why the plugin doesn’t work right on my website? It doesn’t show the last post and sometimes it runs very fast.

    Thanks !

  8. great plugin, but is there anyway i can add class on each date format? i would like to customize the appearance of the date..

  9. Hi thanks for the awesome plugin. I’m having problems getting the slider to show only posts from one category. How can this be accomplished?



  10. Needing to set the border color to white or get rid of it entirely. Tried this code in the CSS box to no avail:


    Help is greatly appreciated!

  11. Hi, I get PRO version yesterday. How can I control the excerpt lenght for different slides?

    I tried this code, but doesn’t work :


    Thanks a Lot

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