V0.7 Released

Releasing this version with some fixes & new features

1) Full internationalization is now possible.
2) Provided an alt tag to the thumb images for SEO purpose.
3) Fixed the no image issue on sub & special domains.
4) You are now allowed to show different slider on different pages based on category, post ids & total no. of posts.

Before upgrading as always it is good to take the backup.

We have noticed that few people found it difficult to update the css of slider according to their theme.

That’s why we have started to provide UI customization services(no new features) at just $10. You can buy this service here.

Our designing team will look at your website & customize the slider in a way which suite bests with your theme.

Thank you all for using the plugin & your great feedbacks.

8 thoughts on “V0.7 Released

  1. Hi

    Thanks for a marvelous Slider plugin. I’ve used it in many sites.
    I wish to request for a feature. I wish to use my mages hosted in Picasaweb instead of in the server whic hosts the site. But I have no facility presently to use the image from Picasaweb as the featured image to be shown in the slider.

    Could you please enable it, so that I can select either an uploaded image embedded n the post or an image from Picasaweb.

    Thanks and regards


  2. 3) Fixed the no image issue on sub & special domains.

    This is still not fixed in my case: I use a multisite installation with subdomains.

  3. Hi,

    How can I add internationalization to my slider? I want the slider to show english post in my english site and spanish post in my spanish site version. Is there any way to do this?
    Great plugin btw!


    Best regards!

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