Recent Posts Slider Released V0.6.2

Issues which were fixed are :
1. As wordpress 3.2.1 is released so now there is no need add different Jquery file. So, conflict with various plugins like NextGen, Lightbox, Fancybox etc. is resolved.

2. Modify the way it creates posts thumbnail so hoping to get least issues related to product thumbnails. But only with the images hosted on same server. If you trying to use images hosted on another server, thumbnail will not be created. (So, please take the backup before upgrading to new version)

3. Slider speed issue when you came to tab after some time.

New features added are :
1. Completely remove pagination.
2. Add Post Date.
3. Set custom link text in place of read more.
4. Show excerpt with html tags.
5. Define your own css.

Thanks all for using the plugin, for your suggestions & bugs pointing 🙂
If you found any issues with this version do let me know.

64 thoughts on “Recent Posts Slider Released V0.6.2

      • Please uncomment ‘background:#fffefe;’ from the below css

        #rps .col span:hover {

  • Support what you say Carolina, in fact I had not noticed this error, please see the attached image. The title in this latest version is “mounted” in the photo, it looks so ugly.
    On the other hand, again I repeat, I have mentioned many times and I think it’s a good idea: the space between the pictures … please do not stick together increase, sending picture shows what I mean.
    A hug and my greeting from Colombia. Great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the image here:

  • i am loving the plugin, but i would like to stop the random view of the slides, and display them in order,
    where can i do this.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Update, the slide seems to mis every other panel, so in a 5 panel slider the sequence oreder is 1,3,5,2,4,1,3,5 and so on, not sure why this would happen, any thoughts?

  • Good plugin! Wanted to ask whether the vertical scrolling (rather than horizontal as on many sites using it) is available? Thanks.

  • WordPress developer here. Just curious to know how you fixed that slider speed issue (as in bullet point 3). Is it on line 372 of the plugin file recent-posts-slider.php? All my sliders are having this issue so thought may steal that fix from you 🙂

    • Yes you can 🙂
      It is because of browser behaviour
      add stop(true,false) while using animate function
      it will stop browser from buffering like below
      ‘$j(“#rps .slider”).stop(true,false).animate({ ‘

  • The slider is not picking up the images. In both sample posts the image is inserted into the post, is in the posts gallery and I have set the image as the featured image. In the first sample post I have even created the custom field rps_custom_thumb with the fully qualified link to the image. No other plugin is activated. Any suggestions? WP 3.2.1 Genesis 1.7.1

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the plugin. Just installed the latest version but the thumbnail is not showing. Any idea what is wrong?

  • Hi There

    Thanks for your work on this slider. I am having problems implementing it. When I add it to my loop.php it displays a box, which is the correct size, with the correct title at the top and correct date at the bottom. The content in the middle however is empty. Inspecting the source, it has post-title, slider-content-both and post-date as the classes for the p elements, but the slider-content-both appears empty.
    I have removed all other sliders and all related css, to no avail.
    Can you help?

  • Hi Neha!

    Awesome plugin – works sweetly and perfectly. Thank you so much!

    I just have a small suggestion for the next version – it would be great if you could replace date() with date_i18n() ( ) to use the month name in the blog’s language rather than the English version – that lets the slider it fit in even better into non-English blogs.

    Thanks a lot and have a great day!

    • Me again, just another suggestion: So far the script always cuts one word off and adds the [more] tag. I’d suggest a small change so that the words are only cut if the post length is above the word limit, basically I just add another if to check the string length, if its too long do the cutting procedure, if short enough just return the string.

      if (str_word_count($post_excerpt)>$excerpt_length)
      if( !empty($excerpt_words) ){
      if ( !empty($post_excerpt) ) {
      $words = explode(‘ ‘, $post_excerpt, $excerpt_words + 1 );
      array_push($words, ‘ ‘.$more_link.’‘);
      $post_excerpt_rps = implode(‘ ‘, $words);
      return $post_excerpt_rps;
      } else {
      $post_excerpt_rps = substr( $post_excerpt, 0, $excerpt_length );
      if ( !empty($post_excerpt_rps) ) {
      if ( strlen($post_excerpt) > strlen($post_excerpt_rps) ){
      $post_excerpt_rps =substr( $post_excerpt_rps, 0, strrpos($post_excerpt_rps,’ ‘));
      $post_excerpt_rps .= ‘ ‘.$more_link.’‘;
      return $post_excerpt_rps;
      } else {
      } else {
      return $post_excerpt;

  • Hi there,
    have not tried the plugin yet. Does it work with custom post types though? If not could that be an option that is added to the slider options (“choose post type”) and then allow a comma seperated list of post types to be entered (so that more than one post type can be chosen). Or even better make a multiselect something, where you pick the post types from the available post types.
    Anyway, will try this out later….
    Thanks for another great addition to wordpress,

  • i am using U can post, but recent post slider can make thumbnails post. i try other plugin and it works if i choose “get first image of post” not works if i choose “get first attached image of post”. Can you help me to change RPS code “create thumbnail” to get first image of post??

  • I’ve been using your plugin for months and only recently I started getting this error.

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/immortal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/recent-posts-slider/recent-posts-slider.php on line 184

    Any help please?

  • Hello,
    I’ ll like to ask if it is possible to change the fonts of titles and text.

    Thank you for the nice plugin!

  • I am getting this error when I try to activate the plugin.

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/immortal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/recent-posts-slider/recent-posts-slider.php on line 184

  • Hello! Love the plugin!
    But I still have not been able to get the featured images to show up in the latest version. 0.6.2. I had to tweak the code of the previous version to make it work.
    Using this suggestion from: monpelaud

    But when I upgraded, the thumbnails went away.
    I’ve tried deactivating the plugin, and activating it.
    I’ve tried to add the featured image again, but it’s just not picking it up.
    They are all local images, running on a linux box. I’m just going to revert back to the other version, with the fix that I made just so I can move on to other things. But I thought I should let you know.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi, is there a way to show the recent post slider in two rows? Like if someone wants to use 2 recent post slider in the same page widget, one can select which posts to keep in first slider and which in second. Please let me know. This is a plugin which shall get 100 on 10. Awesome

  • It would be very nice to show the items in random order. That would make this plug-in even more excellent!

  • I like your slider boss, but could you add an arrow to scroll left to right and vice versa and an option not to auto scroll. It would be a great additional option for the next version. thanks for this!!!

  • I don’t know where to put the [rps] code in my php script. Please help! I tried header.php, functions.php, home.php. None of these works.

    • Bayo,

      I have put it in my single.php and it’s working almost as it should. Just paste your slider code somewhere and keep puting it in different places until you got it in the right place.

  • Thanx for the wonderfull plugin. I enjoy it very much. But……..there is always a but. When i write a new page there is no thumbnail in the slider for that page. If i go to the admin panel and click the save button it suddenly shows.

    Got any ideas?


  • Hi,
    Love the plugin. I have a suggestion:
    could you make a future version of the plugin responisive i.e. add an option to change width en height in percentages apart form just pixels?


  • Works perfect, except one thing: no matter how many slides I have, on last one there are no items shown! Its not missing one or two posts, but whole slide.
    Any idea?

  • Greetings,

    First of all, it is a lovely plugin, thank you very much for writing it. I saw you can adjust the speed, however I wanted to set the carousel to scroll slowly without stopping. I do have some knoweledge of PHP but I can’t get it right with the speed going all wonky?

    All the best and keep up the good work!

  • for some reason line break is not working in the slider for me.
    I have to manually add “br” tag every time i want a line break.
    any ideas?

  • Greate Plugin!
    But like Zia Khan, wrote, the line breaks are not working. The news is just a solid block of text.
    Can we do anything to fix that?

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