20 thoughts on “Recent Posts Slider Released V0.4

  • Cool.
    But still:
    When I change the thumbnail of existing post, your plugin still shows the old picture but with absolute path (/files/var/www/clients/ etc.)

    • Strange. I did the same & the thumbnail gets changed in the slider. Can you please describe it a little more.

  • Here is detailed description of what happens in my case 😉

    adding new post:
    -image from media library:
    plugin ignores image

    -image uploaded from computer:
    plugin accepts image with absolute path:

    (I think, the path should be: http://myadress.com/files/picture.jpg)

    editing existing post:
    -deleting all pictures from post:
    nothing changes, plugin still shows http://myadress.com/files/var/www/clients/client5/web60/web/wp-content/blogs.dir/4/files/picture.jpg

    -changing picture:
    from media library:
    nothing changes, plugin still shows http://myadress.com/files/var/www/clients/client5/web60/web/wp-content/blogs.dir/4/files/picture.jpg

    uploading picture from disc:
    plugin accepts image with absolute path: “http://myadress.com/files/var/www/clients/client5/web60/web/wp-content/blogs.dir/4/files/new-picture.jpg”


    That means that each time i want to change pictures that plugin shows i have to upload it.

  • Maybe I should mention, that I use buddypress, and upload path for blog I use your plugin with is “blogs.dir/4/files/” where “4” is ID of current blog.

  • Simple to install with the widget and works well. Two items would help.
    1. Ability to control transition time between slides in seconds (it’s too fast as is for my site)
    2. Possible to link to a picture to include in the slide?

  • One other idea…could the posts be randomized (as an option) otherwise people logging into the site will see the same posts every time

  • last….excerpt is not clickable to the post
    so someone likes a post and they click on it and it doesn’t bring them anywhere they will be frustrated

    • 1. Will add the facility to control transition time.
      2. Their is an option to show posts thumbs or are you asking for both picture & desc?
      3. Will add an option for random post too.
      4. Post titles are anchored to their specific page.
      5. Will add more option to make excerpt clickable.


  • Those would options would really make this one of the most useful WP plugins out there. As it already is it worked perfectly!

    yes, I was asking about the possibility of placing a thumbnail picture in the slide, simply to make it more eye catching, not as important or needed as the others.

    Really well done!

  • Hi and thank you for this beautiful plugin!

    Unfortunately for me, is not working properly locally. The slider does not display the thumbnails correctly and I couldn’t find what exactly was the problem.
    What I did:
    1 .I uploaded from the computer a new image ==> 1 time worked, the 3 others failed. Also, even when I deleted the image from the post, this image was shown in the sidebar… 🙂

    2. Also custom field creation not worked..

    3.I switched themes and the result were the same even if the themes were created with
    Artisteer: http://www.artisteer.com.

    4.This plugin cannot work with http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/webphysiology-portfolio/. Whevever I activated the webphysiology, the recent post sidebar, simply disappeared. 🙁

    Anyway, keep up the good work and really thank you for this plugin!
    I hope some solutions to be found!

  • Howdy, Admin!
    I tried version 0.4, the same problem.
    If you insert in custom field direct link to a small picture,
    in my case 210×158.
    It’s just from slider.
    White space instead of image.
    I tried different small images.
    I use wordpress 3.04

    Help me, please!
    Course this is great plugin!

  • Hello again friends.
    This is a wonderful plugin and when I write is to correct little details.
    This happening:
    I have placed 6 news show, actually the sample, but when the slider moves to number two, again shows me the 6 news although I have over 10 post. Here the example: http://www.luchosarmiento.com/wp5/ A hug and my respect for this great work.

  • Minor issues,
    the pagination at the bottom of the slider window only goes to 5
    Couldn’t get randomization to work
    Suggestion (ability to change the background color of the content area)

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