Recent Posts Slider Released V0.3

A widget support is added to easily add the slider in the widget area.

Earlier it creates the thumbnail of the first image from the post, their is no such option to show the thumb of any other image. Now in this version you can specify particular image by adding a custom field as rps_custom_thumb and specifying image path as its value.

Do let me know are these useful to you. Some more updates in queue based on the feedbacks received. Thanks all for your suggestions.

24 thoughts on “Recent Posts Slider Released V0.3

  • Hello.
    I have but one problem with you great plugin.
    No matter which option i choose to place plugin it doesn’t show thumbnail, even if i use custom field.
    Is it just me or a bug?
    I use wordpress 3.04 and i disabled all other plugins and then checked your plugin with several themes including default one.
    Still no thumbnails.
    Take care.

  • Thanks for an answer.
    Suddenly it works – but strange things are:
    -at first the plugin decided to show only one picture (of 5 i’ve chosen)
    -then, i though it works only if i use uploaded pictures (not those already stored in media library) but after i uploaded new picture, plugin let me use all pictures – even those “old” ones.
    -if I edit post and remove all pictures from it, the plugin still shows last picked picture untill I upload new picture from computer.
    The question is – is it only in my server/wordpress instalation?
    All the best to you anyway 🙂

    • I think I know where the Problem is. Thanks to Jacek for pointing me into the right direction… A new Article will add without Problems to the Slider… I just tried and the image ist link to content/uploads — /2011/02/ jpg all following Thumbnails (older Arcticles, i use the first picture in the article) are also linked to Folder 2011/02/ even though they are in Folder 2011/01/ !!! I had no Luck copying the files over to Folder 02 to see them Show… great plugin, but now its a bit worthless ;-( Hope there is a fix soon. Maybe place all the created Thumbnails fom RPS in a seperate folder? Thanks for your help!

      • OK after copying the files over to Folder 02 you have to give them CHMOD 666 and then they show. But this is only a temporary solution, as latest March 1st all Images will be gone again… as then Folder 03 starts 😉

    • Thanks Jacek & Joerg for your detailed description. Bug traced. Will fix it in a day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Great News! You’re Welcome! There might be a Problem with the year also, I was unable to show Images from Articles from 2010 too. Maybe the “own rps directory” is a good Solution, in that case you could also get rid of the thumbnails fast in case you have to uninstall the plugin for some reason.

      • Great.
        By the way – later on I noticed this folder/date issue too.
        For now I just kept uploading pictures and it works.
        Did you maybe think about adding some options to your plugin, like:
        -show thumbnail and excerpt (with option to choose number of words shown)
        -show/hide buttons for paging (they aren’t needed when there is no paging)?

        I like yout plugin, its simple and good looking.

  • Hi. A lot of errors if using small images, you now, 204×150, 150×180.
    Even in option you could’t include the id of cutegory where small images are used.

    • Update it to recent version 0.4 & try once again. Its working. If it is not please elaborate your problem a little more.

  • Hi,

    Im very please with this plugin, adds some extra interest to the site.
    One problem – i would like to show an image and some text from a post. when both are selected the image shown is very narrow and tall, not a thumbnail. im using the twenty-ten theme as you are.

  • Hello, I´m using the post slider v 0.6.1 and I can´t find the custom fields anywhere!
    Where is it? I doesn´t appear in my settings section.

    One, thing else, I´ve chosen some of my post as I want them to shown for a long time, but I want my recent posts to be shown automatically as well, is it possible? I´m afraid it only shows the ones I´ve chosen.

    Thanks and congratulations for this awesome plugin!

    • Custom fields are part of the post not plugin. You need to set it in post not in slider setting.

      It already show them automatically.

        • But it doesn´t show my recent posts automatically… I don´t know why.
          But it doesn´t matter, I ascribe to a category the ones I want to be shown, and use the Content Scheduler plugin, so they disappear from that category, and besides from the slider, when I schedule.

  • Hello,
    I have a proglem with this great plug in. No matter which option i choose to place plugin it doesn’t show thumbnail, i use custom field?

  • Good night,
    Congratulations on your work is very good one of the best found on the net, I’m using your plugin clarify that I am a beginner in this kind of work … gently as I can customize the slide content to get a result in this order.

    1. image
    2. post Title
    3. text post

    Thank you very much for your attention, I am waiting ..
    Best Regards.


  • This is a very good plugin, but my thumbnail is not showing up in the website.. i tried everything.. it would be really helpful if you can help me..

  • Hello!

    I’m using your plugin and eveything works fine, but I’d like to edit the thumbnail size. I did figure out what to do to make it the size I want (200×100) however, it seems to have kept the original size designed for the plugin and simply stretched the image to fit my size. Is there a way to have it to pull in the thumbnail at a custom size without it distorting the image?

      • Thanks for the quick response. I have found the rps_post_img_thumb(), and I tried to adjust it to 200x100px, but nothing happens. Perhaps I’m in the working place. Where/which file would I go to edit this? Thanks!

        • Look for the code as below.
          $set_img_width = ($width/$post_per_slide) – 12;
          if($slider_content == 3){
          $set_img_width = (int)(($set_img_width/2) – 20);
          $set_img_height = $height – 54;

          & change height & width.

          • Thanks again for the response. I found the code, but no matter what I do, it does not want to change. I would like the thumbnail 200px wide. What numbers to I change and how exactly? Thanks again for your help!
            Below is my code.
            $set_img_width = ($width/$post_per_slide) – 12;
            if($slider_content == 3){
            $set_img_width = (int)(($set_img_width/2) – 20);}
            $set_img_height = $height – 54;

          • Try like this
            $set_img_width = 200;
            if($slider_content == 3){
            $set_img_width = 200;}
            $set_img_height = 75;

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