Recent Posts Slider Released V0.2

Releasing version v0.2 with some more customization for specific post & categories based on the feedback received from users. A sincere thanks to them.

12 thoughts on “Recent Posts Slider Released V0.2

  • This plugin is wonderful, I commend you for a spectacular job!
    Just a couple of suggestions for the next version:
    1 – Power to resize the thumbnails in the control panel
    2 – The holder can be placed above or below the picture
    3 – Separate post with boxes

    Attached pictures of the ideas.
    My respect for this big, big and huge job.
    A hug from Colombia!

  • First off, great plugin. This was the first excerpt plugin that I found that actually worked (most just created excerpts that were wider then my page).

    I did notice a couple things that could be improved.
    1) The link to the actual post. When I first installed this plugin I thought that there were no links to the actual post from the excerpts. Then I realised that the title of the excerpt was the link. The problem is that it doesn’t look like a stadard link.
    2) There is a little change I would recommend to the code that creates the excerpts. On one of the pages that I use this plug in I have a custom home pages with a liitle bit of text at the top of the page and an excerpt box below that. I spent an afternoon trying to figure out why when I first started using this plugin that the excerpt box wasn’t appearing where I placed on the custom page (it was appearing above the text when I wanted it below). I did some research and found out that the cause of this problem is using the “echo” command instead of the “return” command. So I edited the block of code in “recent-posts-slider.php” that creates the “$output” variable from “echo $output” to “return $output” and the excerpt box started showing up in the right place on the page.

      • Well the best way of making it look like a like is have it stand out from the rest of the text. Right now the title of the excerpt has a color which is very close to the color of the text in the body of the excerpt. If the title text was a color that is extremely different (say blue) it would indicate that there is something special about that text. Another thing you can do is underline the title (ike is done to the reply link in the comments).

        • Ok. Actually I used grey color because it compliments each & every color. To make it stand out I think I should add an option to change the color of post title. So that people will change it according to their site style. Thanks for your suggestion.

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