April Fools’ Day Offer

Get upto 10-50% off on Pro version. To make this day a little more foolish, discounts will vary time to time for every user on every page load :)

Register now & see the discounted price for yourself. Many more features are in queue & updates will be free. So, Grab the offer now !!

For any queries do comment or drop an email at rps@eworksphere.com

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RPS Premium Released

Releasing a pro version with some new features & ease to customize the slider with few more options.

Features listed below will be available in pro version
1) Select pagination to appear within or below slider.
2) To show posts randomly.
3) Select pagination style like this

Check out the preview at Preview

And you can try it by yourself here
Username : demo
Password : rpsdemo
Note : There may be more than one person using this demo at the same time. So there is possibility of conflict. And we reset its settings once per 24 hour.

Available at just $9 for regular licence & at $45 for extended licence

You can buy them here at RPS Store

Few more features are in queue. Updates will be free.

Any queries, bugs & suggestions do mail me at rps@eworksphere.com

And yes I am looking for someone who can help me managing this plugin. If interested do connect with me, you will get paid on hourly basis.

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V0.7 Released

Releasing this version with some fixes & new features

1) Full internationalization is now possible.
2) Provided an alt tag to the thumb images for SEO purpose.
3) Fixed the no image issue on sub & special domains.
4) You are now allowed to show different slider on different pages based on category, post ids & total no. of posts.

Before upgrading as always it is good to take the backup.

We have noticed that few people found it difficult to update the css of slider according to their theme.

That’s why we have started to provide UI customization services(no new features) at just $10. You can buy this service here.

Our designing team will look at your website & customize the slider in a way which suite bests with your theme.

Thank you all for using the plugin & your great feedbacks.

Recent Posts Slider Released V0.6.2

Issues which were fixed are :
1. As wordpress 3.2.1 is released so now there is no need add different Jquery file. So, conflict with various plugins like NextGen, Lightbox, Fancybox etc. is resolved.

2. Modify the way it creates posts thumbnail so hoping to get least issues related to product thumbnails. But only with the images hosted on same server. If you trying to use images hosted on another server, thumbnail will not be created. (So, please take the backup before upgrading to new version)

3. Slider speed issue when you came to tab after some time.

New features added are :
1. Completely remove pagination.
2. Add Post Date.
3. Set custom link text in place of read more.
4. Show excerpt with html tags.
5. Define your own css.

Thanks all for using the plugin, for your suggestions & bugs pointing :)
If you found any issues with this version do let me know.

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Recent Posts Slider Released V0.6

As you guys know it creates the thumbnail of post image automatically according to slider size. For this it first check the custom field & if not mentioned then look for the first image of post. Now a new feature is added to check featured image too. So, now it will first check for the custom field then featured image & then first image of the post.

Fixed IE issue too. Those facing problem in IE please update to latest version & don’t forget to leave feedback whether it started working or not.

Some new features are on the way.

Recent Posts Slider Released V0.5

Some new features are added in this version. Also resolved some issues as reported by users. Thanks all.

New features are :

  1. A facility to show both excerpt & thumbnail in the slider is added.
  2. An option is added to alter post title color.
  3. Option is added to control slider speed.
  4. A facility is added to define excerpt in words if the plugin manually creates more or less words.
  5. Now you have two options to show pagination on slider, either numbers or circles.

Some more updates are on the way.